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By Ustaz Syed Hasan Alatas

English translation by Radzi Sapiee

Allah (swt) says in the Quran:

"We make it obligatory for humankind to be good towards both their parents, (especially since) the mother had bore him in weakness with the load getting heavier (from early pregnancy till birth and breastfeeding). And the weaning is in a period of two years, (so) be thankful to Me (Allah) and to both your parents, and to Me you shall indeed return."

A man asked Rasulallah (saw), who is most deserving of respect. The Prophet (saw) answered: Your mother! The man asked again, then who is next, the Prophet (saw) answered: Your mother! The man went on asking, then who is next? The Prophet (saw) answered your mother! Then who is next? The Prophet (saw) answered: Then your father!
(Hadis related by at-Tirmizi)

Such is the high status and honour of mothers in Islam.

One cannot deny the huge responsibility shouldered by a mother for her family especially her children. Imagine all the troubles a mother has to go through when bearing a child, from month to month until the baby is born. Imagine her pain when giving birth, and when the baby is born she looks after him and at the same time she also has to take care of all her other children. Imagine, with lots of love she has to wake up everytime the child cries and comfort him regardless of the hour and her own problems. Lots of time is spent nursing, taking care of, educating and protecting a child from infancy until he grew up.

There is no way we can pay back for all the tiring moments she has to go through. There is no price for the love she has towards her children. Every night the mother is disturbed from her sleep by her sweet baby. Such is the sacrifies a mother makes.

A mother is willing to do anything and lost everything for her beloved children without expecting any return. She is willing to suffer and loose sleep to give milk, or to make sure her child does not fall ill or get bitten by mosquitoes. A mother always prayed for her children to be well, healthy and grew up to be useful human beings.

What big sin is in store for the rebel child who refuses to listen to his mother, what huge offence made by those who does not want to return a mother’s favour especially when she is sick or very old. Such is the situation nowadays that we often heard the elders say: “A mother is willing to take care, nurse and raise ten children but there is no guarantee ten children is willing to take care of one mother”

Thus we should return the good favour of our mothers by at least showing her respect. Honour our mothers and take care of their well-being especially in their old days when they need us the most.

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