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By Ustaz Syed Hasan Alatas

English translation by Radzi Sapiee

Lately fans of Shiar Islam have been asking about e-mails they have been receiving. The content looks good but practically ends with an order that one must make at least  20 copies each and forward it to their friends. Those who do this will allegedly be rewarded with such things as huge profit in business, promotion at work-place, first prize in lottery and beautiful girl of their dreams. Instead if the receiver of the e-mail fails to comply, he will receive calamities such as death of a son, getting fired from work, infected by a terrible disease and other scary notions.

For the attention of all who is faithful to Allah SWT and Him messenger Muhammad SAW, we should refer to the Quran and Sunnah (practices) of the prophet SAW. Allah SWT has reminded us in the holy book:

O you who believe, if a Fasiq (wicked or person of questionable beliefs) brings any news to you, you shall first investigate, lest you commit injustice towards some people, out of ignorance, then become sorry and remorseful for what you have done.” (al-Hujurat, 6)

Although the e-mail begins with good things which looks like valid reminders with valid arguments quoted from esteemed sources for the Muslims, the way it is done is against the rules of Islam. We all know that the Qur’an and Sunnah of the prophet are guidance and reference for Muslims and both only ask us to carry out the commandments of Allah and His messenger. We are never asked to make certain number of copies of the Quranic verses or the Hadith (sayings) of the prophet, what more promised that we will get certain rewards if we do so or get punished with such things as death and accidents if we refused. If we believe in these chain e-mails and its claims, then we practically admitted it as having power to determine our luck and future. Believing in other powers besides Allah SWT can bring us to Syirik, (polytheism, idolatry or simply attributing powers to other things or entities besides God) which is a very serious offence against the Creator.

Allah says in the Quran: “Verily Allah does not forgive the sin of Syirik but would forgive all other sins for whoever He wants, and whoever associates Allah (with others) he has committed a huge sin  (An-Nisa, 48)

So it is clear that such e-mails actually comes from enemies of Islam who want to subtly erode the faith of the Muslim and bring them to error and Allah SWT’s wrath. To whoever who have unwittingly followed the order of the e-mail, do repent and ask forgiveness from Allah SWT. They must also remind friends who have received the e-mail to delete it and stop forwarding it to others.

May Allah SWT gives us guidance and knowledge along with the will to practise all His commands.

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