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By Ustaz Syed Hasan Alatas

English translation by Radzi Sapiee

The injustice which is rife in all parts of the world, oppressions among mankind, all undue actions and such have caused terrorism among races to rise. I am always right, you are always wrong... if such an opinion continues to be one’s belief in themselves, then do not hope to end  all the terrors plaguing the world.

It is because of unbearable oppressions where countries are invaded, the inhabitants treated like animals, belongings destroyed that terrorism persists. Don’t be perplexed if there are men who dare to blow up themselves. They are bent on destroying themselves as they are too disappointed, looking at how their families were killed, houses blown up or ran down, their fathers, mothers or brothers and sisters mercilessly tortured or killed, the plants they have painfully cultivated over many years razed down. They have no choice because such oppressions keep on continuing. And they could not find a place to solve all this justly. Thus the time have arrived for all nations to cooperate to solve the problems of the oppressed in a just and intelligent way.

The time have come for all the world to work together to solve mankind’s problems based on the loving principles shown by the prophets. Look at the teachings of prophets Moses AS, Jesus AS and Muhammad SAW. Study how they advocated love and caring among the creations, just actions, being tolerant and solving problems of terror by looking at its root cause, who are involved, where are they, how they act and what is the reason behind their actions.

Solving the problems of the community is no mean feat, what more when it involves terrorism. Terrorists exist everywhere in any country but remember, the fight for what is right and just should never be equated with terrorism. The fight for what is right and just like freeing men from oppression and unjust  is an honourable fight. Such a fight have been carried out by many freedom fighters at any nations, whether in the east or in the west.

Besides that there exist the real terrorist  since the time of Prophet Adam AS. Remember his son Cain  who murdered his own younger brother Abel because of jealousy and following his own whims and fancies? The history of Islam itself shows how three caliphs (successors to the Prophet Muhammad SAW in leading the Muslims), Saidina Umar RA., Saidina Uthman RA and Imam Ali bin Abi Thalib KWJ were killed by terrorists. Such is the case with many descendants of Rasulallah SAW, like his granchildren Saidina Hassan who was poisoned to death and Saidina Hussein who was mercilessly killed by power-crazy terrorists.

Therefore in trying to abolish terrorism we must look at the types of terrorists involved, then only we move in integration combining all our means. Act justly and intelligently, God willing we will find the real terrorists and face them together. With such we could at least diminish terrorism if not abolish it all completely.

Terrorists exist everywhere and they also come in the form of wild uncontrolable urges in our own psyches. We must abolish the terrorists inside ourselves before we tackle the ones outside. The prophet SAW has reminded Muslims that the fight against evil passions in ourselves is a big holy war. Thus let us cleanse ourselves from the wild urges which have long taken root and then decorate ourselves with love and caring, being forgiving and acting just to everyone regardless of where they come from. God willing terrorism will be diminished while mankind will be at peace and prosper with the powers of heaven also pleased.

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