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By Ustaz Syed Hasan Alatas

English translation by Radzi Sapiee

Allah (swt) says in the Quran:

“How many a community We have annihilated because of their wickedness. They ended up in ruins, stilled wells, and great empty mansions.  Did they not roam the earth, then use their minds to understand, and use their ears to hear? Indeed, the real blindness is not the blindness of the eyes, but the blindness of the hearts inside the chests.” (al-Hajj: 45-46)

In these verses, Allah s.w.t. reminds us humans how many communities including major kingdoms have been destroyed by Allah because the inhabitants were unjust. Such was their calamity that their houses were ruined, the sources of water, the wells becoming dry. How many proud mansions including palaces went down until what is left are just the foundations. If we don’t believe this then we are asked to walk across the surface of earth and witness ourselves the truth.

Yes, if we were to go far in this world, we would see for ourselves how many kingdoms have been destroyed by Allah. Kingdoms of the Pharaoh, Nimrod, the Romans, Persians and many more are now ruined because of the wickedness done by its people, injustice and oppressions.

The earth is now getting hotter, hot not just because people carelessly intrude into nature destroying flora and fauna, natural habitats of other creatures but also to meet their boundless irresponsible passion, the need to sastisfy their own selfish personal needs. Such is the extent that justice has been set aside. Instead they offer a new definition of ’justice’ defined out of their own whims and fancies to protect their own interests. Thus we have parties that say; we have the right to have advanced weapons especially weapons of mass destruction like the nuclear bomb. And our friends especially those who are ready to support our cause are also allowed to have such weapons and develop it. In fact we will help them in this matter. But whoever are our enemies and not on our side, don’t even think of trying to have these sort of facilities. If your are working on one (even if it's nuclear power to be used to generate electricity) then close it down fast. Otherwise you will be immediately boycotted.

It would be very good if true justice is really practised in this world. If we really want to save the earth, then every nation, every race without any exception must all destroy these dangerous weapons especially the ones in their own hands. When that is done, then only we could say we are being fair. God willing, the world then would be saved from destruction, and mankind can continue to live in peace and harmony.

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