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By Ustaz Syed Hasan Alatas

English translation by Radzi Sapiee

We have sent you out of mercy from us towards the whole world.” (Q.S. Al-Anbiya : 107)

The personality of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w attracts all mankind who acknowledge the truth to recognise his true worth. Thus the Quran said:

It was mercy from Allah that you became compassionate towards them. Had you been harsh and mean-hearted, they would have abandoned you. Therefore, you shall pardon them and ask forgiveness for them, and consult them. Once you make a decision, carry out your plan, and trust in Allah. Allah loves those who trust in Him.” (Q.S. Ali Imran: 159)

This is one of the excellent characteristics of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. among many excellent characteristics. Such is his personality that the Prophet Rasulallah s.a.w. managed to bring extraordinary changes and transformation on mankind especially the Arab community who used to live in the dark ages.

Before Islam, the world is in darkness especially the Arab world. Worship of the one and only God has changed to worshipping of idols invented by themselves. Their originally considerate and soft human nature has changed into that of the beast; the strong oppressing the weak, the rich reaping from the poor, women made into tools for satisying sexual desires or advertisements for promoting businesses, if a male child is born they become very happy but if a female child is born instead they go to the extent of murdering it. Many among the people practise sex of the same gender, men with men, women with women. If this is allowed to go on, what would happen to the human population? Of course they would die out and become extinct for practising the vile ways  promoted by the ancient people of Prophet Lot.

Before Islam came into the picture, the Arab world was in constant break-up, fragmented by different opposing rulers. Yemen was under control of Persia and Ethiopia, both powers vying for supremacy while local tribe rulers added to the fray. Iraq was under Manazirah who answered to the Roman empire, Najd and Hijaz ruled by independent Arab tribes. The break-up and enmity between them continued for hundreds of years and this made the Arabs backwards and underdeveloped.

After Islam came under the leadership of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w., the Arabs were unified. They became a race advanced in many aspects that they were able to beat both the Romans and Persians, the two biggest world empire of that time. His companions then went on to spread Islam to all parts of the world.

The Muslims brought huge changes to the East and West. But the sad thing is, many later forsake the teachings which call for truth as they also followed the deadly worldly currents, following and idolising their passions. Since then Muslims have grown weak, making them easily defeated by their enemies. Eventhough the Muslims constituted a fifth of the world population and have overflowing natural resources and richness, all that is of no help. Muslims are toyed around, humiliated and oppressed and these happened because of their own faults. Thus the time has come for all Muslims to return to the Quran and Sunnah, the practices of the Prophet s.a.w. . God willing, we will all get the honour and prosperity as that have been gained by those during the time of Rasulallah s.a.w. and his chosen companions.

Rasulallah s.a.w. is the best primary example for us in all matters as the Prophet  s.a.w. has managed to bring extraordinary changes in all fields in such a short time, that is 23 years. He succeeded in transforming an unbelieving community who worshipped idols, broken up into rival clans rife with injustice, the strong oppressing the weak, the rich reaping from the poor, the smart making fools of others, the land and sea full of their evils. They were all changed to become a community who worship Allah s.w.t., what used to be a fragmented race became unified as brothers and sisters to each other.

Thus what used to an unjust community became a harmonious lot where the weak are protected, the poor taken care of while the women get to have rights when before they were treated as if they have no value at all, fit only to be instruments for satisfying men’s sexual needs, at times killed just like that, even buried alive. The teachings of Islam brought by the Prophet s.a.w.from day to day were greeted by the masses. The ruling Quraisy elite of Mecca became worried that leadership would soon shift to the Prophet s.a.w. Thus they tried hard to stop the spread of Islam using all means. But all their evil efforts failed to block the Prophet s.a.w. and his loyal followers’ good works. Realising their failure, the Quraisy took a soft approach by asking the Muslims to work together in ironing out their differences.

For a start they are willing to worship Allah s.w.t. at certain times. In return they asked that at other times the Prophet s.a.w. and Muslims worshipped the idol they have created in turn. This is a very misleading compromise, one that is totally forbidden. We are totally forbidden from worshipping any creation whether it is idols, humans or animals.

Allah s.w.t said in the Quran: Say, ‘O you disbelievers. I do not worship what you worship. Nor do you worship what I worship. Nor will I ever worship what you worship. Nor will you ever worship what I worship. To you is your religion, and to me is my religion." (Q.S. Al-Kaafirun: 1-6)

This is the true sound of belief and Tauhid, unity of God. We are forbidden from attributing Allah with any other. Allah can forgive any type of sin except the sin of attributing others alongside Allah and this is a fatal sin..

The Quraisy elite became mad at the Muslim’s refusal. They devised a new way to put pressure on them, the peak being the boycott against the Prophet s.a.w. and his loyal followers to make them weak and force them to concede. The Meccan leaders met and came to a written resolution hanged up upon the Ka’abah. It was a resolution which must be obeyed and carried out by all tribes of Quraisy to boycott the Prophet   s.a.w. and his clan the Bani Hasyim. Among its contents are:

(1) All Quraisy people are forbidden from making business transactions with Prophet s.a.w. and his followers especially the Bani Hashim clan and his closest kith and kins the Bani Muthalib.

(2) There should be no marital ties with the Muslims.

(3) Everyone is forbidden from mixing with Muhammad and his followers.

(4) The Quraisy would cooperate and help anyone who is willing to go against Muhammad and his followers.

The resolution is agreed upon and ratified by all Quraisy elites to be strictly enforced.The Prophet’s uncle Abu Thalib who is the main supporter and defender of the Prophet s.a.w. then invited all his kith and kins from the Bani Hasyim clan to be responsible for defending the Prophet s.a.w. They are asked to gather at an arid valley which became known as the Abu Thalib valley. The boycott lasted three years. This inhumane oppression has to be endured by all Bani Hasyim families in a climate which lacked food and drinks forcing some of them to eat grassroots, animal hide and such to alleviate their hunger. Yet the moment the boycott  against Bani Hasyim and Bani Muthalib is lifted, the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. immediately resumed his message, calling mankind to walk towards the path of truth.

Once, he went to Thaif to ask the people to embrace Islam. Too bad his attempt was met with ridicules and throwing of stones and other hard objects by the locals, causing blood to gush out of the body of the Prophet s.a.w. Despite that he didn’t retaliate nor complain. Instead the Prophet supplicated to God: “O Allah do give your guidance to my people, for verily they do not know.”

It is due to his patience and perseverance in propagating Islam that the hearts of men begin to open up to Islam. This is especially true for the oppressed and those who suffered from injustice. They embraced Islam and practised the teachings brought by Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. They are attracted by the Prophet’s moderate approach and personality, his fondness in helping the poor, the orphans and widows, his love and compassion for the weak, willingness to forgive enemies, his hatred towards violence, love for knowledge and such. And thus within a short space of time (23 years) Islam  spread fast to cover the whole of peninsular Arabia.

The Prophet s.a.w. loved his wife Siti Khadijah so much that they stayed an example of a loving harmonious couple until Khadijah passed away. For 28 years, that is until her death, Khadijah was his only wife. The Prophet only marry others after that and only one wife, Siti Aisyah was a virgin. There rest were widows which he married to save their orphan children, widows chosen from certain clans which resulted in the clans also converting to Islam.

Quraisy broke the Treaty of Hudaibiya

Years later when Islam has established itself in the city of Medina, the Meccan unbelievers made a peace accord with the Muslims called the Treaty of Hudaibiya. But the Quraisy elite broke the treaty when an ally of theirs, the Banu Bakr attacked and killed people from the Khuza’a tribe who are aligned  to the Prophet. They asked for the Prophet’s help. So he and 10,000 Muslim soldiers marched on to launch a retaliation against the Quraisy in Mecca. Before entering the city, Prophet  Muhammad s.a.w. first advised the Muslims soldiers not to kill the old, women and children, don’t invade and destroy the crops, do not kill animals and don’t inflict too much destruction. To the Meccans, the Prophets said whoever stays inside the closed doors of their own houses would be safe, so is the case for those who take refuge at the Ka’abah. In fact,  the Prophet also assured safety for those who hide in the house of Abu Sufyan, the Quraisy top leader. But when came the time to enter Mecca, Saad bin “Ubada suddenly said: “Today is the day for war, today is made lawful all that were forbidden...”

What he said goes against the Prophet’s command and advise. Thus he took away the commando flag from the hands of Sa’ad  and passed it to the latter’s son named Qais. The inhabitants of Mecca was saved from the ravages of war, the city itself peacefully subdued without producing any casualty. It’s not just that, the Prophet  s.a.w. even gave blanket pardon to all including those who have oppressed and done a lot of injustice to him and his followers.

The Prophet told them: “Go you all. You are now free.”

Prophet Muhammad s.a.w entered Mecca issuing a command that none is to be killed nor any blood spilt. At first inhabitants who have done a lot of wrongs against the Muslims hid themselves for fear of being prosecuted or killed. But they started coming out after witnessing how loving and compassionate the Prophet is in giving out a blanket pardon. They went to the Prophet to ask for personal pardon. The Prophet obliged without showing the slightest qualm.

Now, many men are confused about Islam as they don’t know anything about it. And many have thrown despicable accusations against Prophet Muhammad s.a.w., as they don’t know his true self. Still, those who are willing to study the life of the Prophet would admit and acknowledge his excellent personality and characteristics. Thus they understand why Muslims would sacrifies anything to show their love and protect the dignity of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

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