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By Ustaz Syed Hasan Alatas

English translation by Radzi Sapiee

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, Most Merciful.  

Assalamu'alaikum, Peace be upon you.

Through Muhammad SAW,  Allah Almighty gives guidance to the whole Ummah, the people and show us the right way, the way favoured by Allah SWT. Through his relentless pursuit and fight, Rasulullah SAW and his descendants succeeded in spreading Islam to all over the world. And this they did without asking any fee or monetary gain, in line with the words of Allah as said in the holy book Al-Quran.

"Say (O Muhammad), I do not ask for any wage from you in this mission, except for love towards (my) kith and kins” (Asysyura: verse 23)

This verse came down after Rasulullah SAW have gone through a lot of trouble and hardship to save the Arabs from their former dark lives. They used to lead their lives astray, full of injustice, ignored by the rest of the world but after the Prophet came into the picture, they became enlightened and a new age of truth, justice and unity started such that the Arabs became a unified people respected by all. Rasulullah SAW came to save the whole mankind from ignorance. They are taught to worship only  Allah SWT, the creator of the worlds and everything in existence. 

Previously, mankind were at a low lacking humanity what more ethics. They were more animalistic in nature, the strong preying on the weak, the rich taking from the poor. These soon changed as the people were taught to become humane. The Jahiliyah or age of darkness full of stupidity and ignorance which saw the masses being fooled widespread by those in power gave way to an age full of love for knowledge, giving birth to scholars and sages who led and showed the right way for all and sundry.

Rasulullah SAW and his believing descendants travelled to all parts of the world to spread Islam and its true teachings. Despite all their troubles and selfless efforts, there are people who simply forget all their good deeds and try to kick them out of the picture. Thus Rasulullah SAW reminded the Ummah that he never expected any fee, wage or monetary gain in return. He just hoped that the people know how to be thankful  by showing their love and affection for the pious family of the Prophet who fought hard to uphold Islam and expound its truth.  

Since many nowadays do not care to take heed of the Prophet’s message, the Islamic world is in turmoil. Just look at how the people are divided into small factions each vying for supremacy over the others. They formed small nations dependent on the enemies of Islam. They have to bow down to these enemies and lose their dignity as they are too weak to assert anything due to them being fragmented and weak.

While the teachings of Islam command its adherents to fight in one line, strong like a solid building with each part strengthening the others, in reality the Muslims have become like a fragile building waiting to go down at anytime. The Prophet’s reminder asking the Ummah to always help support each other is not practised. It has come to the extent that when there are Muslims in trouble and hardship, those who have the means to assist simply shrug off or ignore the problem. What is strange, it is the non-Muslims who often came at the forefront to provide assistance. Of course this tends to come with a cost which in the end could turn up to be very detrimental to the Muslims at large.

Thus if Muslims today want the Ummah to be unified as one respected by others they should heed back the message and command of Allah and His Messenger, the Prophet Muhammad SAW. They have to regroup back and cooperate in all mutual matters, ready to give and take when there are small conflicting matters. They have to fight in line like a solid building with every part strengthening the other, just like one unified body in which when one part is hurt the others feel it too. Such a body of people would always help each other in the path of truth gaining the goodwill of Allah, never cooperating in matters of evil, never turning against each other or break up.

God willing, by following the examples set by Prophet Muhammad SAW and his Ahlul Bait the Ummah would regain its past glory, InsyaAllah!

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